Iron Horse Training

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Ride along with us as we take you through the entire 50 mile McDonalds Tour course from Durango to Silverton.

(IHT) is a comprehensive program for people training for the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic or the Quarter Horse, and for those who want to become better cyclists. This is a six-month program that includes 17 weeks of indoor riding on spin bikes and finishes with eight weeks of outdoor road riding. This is an extensive fitness program incorporating aerobic bike sessions with strength training, core work and yoga for flexibility.

The City of Durango will be operating the Iron Horse Training Program at the Durango Rec Center.

With IHT our goal is to build better cyclists. We achieve this with specific targets on a weekly basis, focusing on methods that increase strength, endurance, pedaling efficiency, utilization of oxygen, and knowledge of when, what and how to eat and drink.

Whether you’re a first timer or a veteran, we offer a training program for all levels, either locally or online, that will make you a better cyclist. Our participants include first-timers as well as seasoned cyclists wanting to improve their times. If you’re not ready for the Iron Horse, we’ll train you to ride the Quarter Horse or another cycling event. IHT has been a great success with an average of 97% of our participants achieving their cycling goals.

We will help you get healthier, stronger and feel more comfortable and confident about your riding abilities then ever before.

We can prepare you to achieve your cycling goals and have fun at the same time, so saddle up and join us!